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Quote by Diane Volz

I have been practicing Equine Therapy for the last 14 years. The majority of my work is with Thoroughbred racehorses. My practice includes the modalities that most people are familiar with; they are therapeutic ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, photon therapy and magnetic therapy. I was introduced to infrasound therapy two years ago. My first reaction was “that doesn’t seem to be doing anything.”

Now I own four CHI Infrasound machines. I use this therapy daily on myself and my clients. The most amazing thing to me is to see a confirmed stall walker or weaver, who within twenty minutes of the Infrasound sitting outside their stall, are resting peacefully. I have witnessed horses, which I have been told that nothing has helped them, become happy and peaceful. This is, to me, an amazing technology and is the most affordable of all the modalities that I use.




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Several of my clients have bought CHI machines to help horses going through rough and unsettled times in their training. It is great to help a young horse to settle into their new environment and career. It has also been helpful to horses that are prone to “tying up”, just by letting the machine run while they are in their stalls.

This is a huge benefit of using Infrasound therapy. Then, there are the treatments consisting of putting the machine directly on the horse for treatment of soft tissue problems, stimulation of acupuncture points, joint pain and wound healing. CHI Infrasound therapy has become a huge part of my therapy practice, including two Kentucky Derby winners!

G. Diane Volz
Simpsonville, KY 40067